Google Market Share Grows, Yahoo’s Dips

October 17, 2010 – 7:39 pm | by omer

Recent Market Shares places Google on top! In the Month of September: Google is leading with  66.1% (up 0.7 from 65.4%), Yahoo takes second place with 16.7% (down 0.7 from 17.4%).  Third place is reserved by Bing for 11.2% (up 0.1 from 11.1%). Followed by Ask : 3.7% (up 0.1 from 3.8%) and the last in the race of search engines is AOL: 2.3% , same as before.

Yahoo holds Google Instant  culpable for its declined shares in the Market. Yahoo says the rise in Google’s share is due to the incorrect count of Google Instant.

While Yahoo provides futile justifications for its poor outcome, Google ascends the ladder  and is now leading the search market shares.


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