Samsung Posts Record Quarterly Profit

May 3, 2010 – 7:41 pm | by omer

Samsung is the largest manufacturing company for computer memory chips, flat screen televisions and LCDs.  Globally comes to the second position in mobiles phones manufacturing behind Nokia. Samsung Electronic Ltd has published their quarterly profit earning for the quarter ended March 31st of this year 2010.According to the Samsung phones they have earned the highest quarter profit ever.  Samsung earned the highest quarter profit earning because of its two businesses i.e. Memory chip business and flat screen business.


According to the Samsung Financial analysis, Samsung manufacturing company earns 3.99 trillion won approximately 3.6 billion dollar in the end of first quarter as this year 31st March 2010 as compare to the earning of the 582 billion won last year in the same quarter. Sales of the Samsung phones rose almost 21 % to 34.64 trillion won.

Samsung Corporation said the sales and demand of their products become more and increased in the second quarter as compare to the first quarter that ends on 31st March of this year 2010. Samsung sold 64.3 million mobile phone devices in first quarter and expected to sell more in the second quarter. Same  for the flat screen TVs as 8.4 million of the Samsung flat screen were sold in first quarter , and expected by the Samsung that demand will grow up to 34% in the second quarter.


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