Windows Live Messenger 2010 Wave 4 release Leaked

March 22, 2010 – 8:02 pm | by Steve

Windows Live Messenger 2010 wave 4 beta version released for the developers have been disclose on the web. Basically it is the development release build for limited developers to test the features of the Windows Live Messenger 2010. Crack patches have been created for the users, so they can download it and use Windows Live Messenger 2010.


Windows Live Messenger has limited features as it is the development version, but Windows Live Messenger in its final release will have lot of new and more features embedded in it.  Windows live Messenger introduces different ways of viewing contacts in it. One can store, view and use contacts in different ways as you want them to be use.

With the social stream option, users can update their friend’s data all across the social networks.  Tabbed Conversations feature is also added in wave 4 release of Windows Live Messenger 2010 also asked by users. Most of the features will be announced or shown with the final release of this software.

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